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Windows 7 is about to finish, what is the best alternative? »MuyLinux

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Windows 7 is finally coming out and like Windows XP, the success that this version of Microsoft's operating system is making is a remedy for the margin The desirable is expected hard. With the inertia, as more people go on it will leave it behind, but not when it becomes theirs. The problem that this implies is, as you would expect, security, since no official support and patches close the weaknesses that appear, the system will take a little time to become a queue .

. you get an idea, Windows XP said goodbye to 2014 with estimated global share share of 27% … and it's not up to 2018 and even 2019 when major applications like Firefox or Steam get support. However, I'm sure you know the places where it's being used continuously, and I do not mean individuals. Otherwise, the Spanish public health system will ordinarily see teams that maintain it, as not real (medical data, ransomware ) as seemingly disgusting.

Unfortunately, it is expected The same thing happens in Windows 7. The question I ask myself is, what is the best alternative to Windows 7 ? The obvious answer is … Linux, of course! However, the truth points in another direction: Windows 10. And as it appears recently I had the opportunity to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 from scratch, but for us to understand, is something I can take my little experience.

The team is a low-end laptop with about five or six years old, a common integrated graphics and CPU, 4 GB of RAM, mechanical disk …; it was purchased using preinstalled Windows 7 and it was like that since then, with a thousand updates on it and some other trash can run in the background. However, once cleaning cleanup is over, it is good for its properties. So I'll bring it back to its owner, a close friend of mine, and this face asks me if I can install Windows 10.

As you understand, I can not refuse and do it the exception. I downloaded the Windows 10 October Update -available was, I washed my hands-the official page and installed it, with a warning that I did not want to hack anything. Not required: Windows 10 Professional license is worth 160 euros, but on Amazon or eBay you can find them for 5 or 1.99 euros … and there is no problem with Microsoft.

otherwise the price is no barrier to updating, even though Microsoft provides it until recently. You prefer to download a crack or similar before paying 5 euro will have a small head, if security loss is what moves one to upgrade from Windows 7 up to Windows 10. The other three excuses have happened to me to avoid updating would be performance, backward compatibility and personal preferences.

For example, if you depend on an application that does not work on Windows 10, the update is difficult; or if for any reason you do not swallow to the reloaded Windows 10 interface (the file manager is an asylum), it may also be a hesitation. But I think these two are so big. On the other hand, the performance issue is suffering. I've read that Windows 10 is disabled compared to Windows 7, but it's not true. In both teams, after updates, retouching and so on, the difference in performance is obvious. So the patent of what is acceptable becomes a victim.

What about Linux? Now we go to Linux. And this article is about what is the best alternative to Windows 7, and although in many aspects of Windows 10 will be a perfect candidate, another Linux has a significant advantage. Following the history of the first notebook, the performance is very difficult – one minute on boot, half to load the desktop, another half to open LibreOffice … – that's the solution we choose after some tests are. .. install Linux, of course.

If Windows 7 is fixed and Windows 10 is crawling, Kubuntu 18.04 LTS is very good surprisingly liquid. I had to pull Wine to install a key application for this person, but it was successfully resolved and it was Linux . So, yes, on computers where Windows 7 goes right, almost any Linux distribution will do a better paper than Windows 10. It's a wonderful advantage and, in fact, install something lighter, but it is not necessary.

What are the other advantages of Linux over Windows? More security, more privacy, more simplicity -more simplicity, yes: there are people who complain about the number of KDE plasma options, but the Windows control center gives chills .. And if there is no recession due to applications, games or peripherals that prevent jumping, the method is available to anyone who can read, which does not ask much. Or maybe it is, and it's not bad.

Since most people have not been updated on Windows 10 since Windows 7 and have not considered doing so, those who have no idea about computers or computer security and continue to use the same up when the computer or system came out. One pity, because the Linux desktop is a great alternative for the average PC user the one dragging the web browser for almost everything and that requires an office suite at the time.

What is this? all of this? So, looking at Windows 7 goodbye, our colleagues from MC have published a special on 7 alternative Linux distributions on Windows 7 that you probably are not excited because you know everything of them, but that aims to be a more general public with a very good definition.

That article and the opportunity that the recent experience I told you has stimulated me in, in other words, returned to Linux warnings as an alternative to Windows . Not for everyone or in all cases; but for many people and in many cases. Sadness is, as I say, that people can serve him, he does not know.

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