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Dead crocodiles are being thrown by giant & # 39; bugs of the pills & # 39; on the sea floor in dire video – BGR

When an animal dies in a forest or it seems that its body often becomes food for large and small. Sometimes it includes larger animals such as vulture or wild dogs, but usually insects left to clean the last pieces of tissue. The bottom of the sea is no different and, as a new video from the Gulf of Mexico shows, there is always a wait for a free meal.

Scientists from LUMCON are studying the effects of "food falls" on the sea, giving marine scavengers with a festival by dropping dead alligators in the Gulf and then observing the result. The video they acquired was equally part of science and nightmare fuel.

In the video, you see a crocodile corpse that goes down one mile to the bottom of the sea below, tens of miles from the coast of Mexico . It took only one day for deep sea eater to find it, and soon the inanimate body of the body was covered with big pill-bug-like creatures called isopods.

These are related to small bug bills that we all know in, but many times they are bigger. As explained by the video, they are almost as football, and they are obviously interested in making food from the fallen reptiles. Researchers found that they were wondering how quickly the animals had caught the deadly scent, assuming a few days for garbage makers to find the corpse when in fact it was more like hours.

The video is not for squeamish. The fishes are immersed in the hard shell of the crocodile and dive to its opposite, eating it from within. The creatures are eating too much that some of them lose their coordination, bouncing sideways and facing the first floor alongside the sea as they try to leave the area.

This is an interesting look at what is so deep in waves in places people have never seen without the help of technology. Maybe, nightmares can give you a week, but it's probably worth it.

Image Source: LUMCON

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