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The very next World of Warcraft update is excited to play it again

It is almost impossible to fully explain how important the next World of Warcraft patch is for the general health of this 14-year-old MMO. Within eight months since Battle for Azeroth launched last summer, the themes of the war between the Alliance and the Horde have been overshadowed by a more dangerous battle between players and Blizzard. Although it was a lack of communication or major problems with the key features, there was a lot to be crazy about. And the players were angry very angry.

With a lot of major Battle problems for Azeroth's key features, Blizzard's rapidly blistered outburst was not able to fix some of the biggest issues right away -as the major updates are often set in the rocks months in advance. If Blizzard does the dramatic rewards that players want, it will take time.

Enter Patch 8.2, Release Azshara. Even though players know about it in some form since BlizzCon of November, today, Blizzard finally pulled the curtain to show exactly how it was planned to fix some of the bigger problems WoW. If 8.2 has failed to impress, Battle for Azeroth is likely to drop as one of the worst expansions of World of Warcraft history.

It quickly became clear that the Rise of Azshara could be one of the biggest updates of WoW.

With the hosting of game designer Jeremy Feasel, the Rise of Azshara livestream is a brief but informative on what the remaining years of retention for World of Warcraft. And for someone like me who is not excited to play WoW in those months, it's all I need to be hyped up again.

Unlike the devastating Borderlands 3 that reveal, Feasel does not waste any time in piping jokes or intricate gags. It's all business and I love it. With over 21

different topics to cover, it has quickly become clear that the Rise of Azshara can be one of the largest WoW updates ever. On WoW subreddit players called for an announcement of expansion due to its size. Not only add two new zones to explore each other differently, but it will also have an eight-boss mega-dungeon, a new invasion, new story quests, two new Island Expeditions, a Heroic-hard Warfront, a new arena, the return of Ashran, NPCs allies fighting you and rising, massive overhaul of the gear system-the list goes on and on

I will not break every feature added to the Release of Azshara, but arguably the most important is the transformation of the Heart of Azeroth and Azerite Armor. During my interview with game director Ion Hazzikostas last week, he explained what these changes will be. Seeing them in full is something else. Once the 8.2 launches, all the features of Azerite Armor will be unlocked by default and the Heart of Azeroth is now closer to being an Artifact Weapon from the Legion except his skill tree is completely customizable. customized. Rather than just having a game-changing active skill to use, players can now collect and swap between some-choice for themselves what is best suited to their construction and playstyle.

What better is that these skills can be found from different sources and come up with different rarities that will change and improve their effectiveness. It encourages players to participate in PVPs, dungeons, raids, and questing to collect the ones that are most desirable to them, feeling more engaging than grinding Azerite at the level of your Heart of Azeroth.

Although it's hard to say that this careful review will be good without it playing for weeks at the end, it will sound more productive and exciting than current players development system is stuck in.

And I love how customization seems to be a major Azshara Release theme. Feasel also showed a new trinket that players can slot each other with different addon effects with each other, while mount equipment will give you another & # There are other bonuses like waterwalking on all your trusted horses.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. The new zones of Nazjatar and Mechagon are very different and doubled in what makes adventuring in World of Warcraft fun. At Mechagon, for example, Feasel said players will collect resources and train them on construction projects scattered around the island that can unlock hidden places, special perks, or provide advantages against the tough bosses in the world. Sometimes these projects can reward you with special theft, with an example as a robo-cat mount that you can paint different colors.

Meanwhile, Nazjatar will have special quests in the world such as the Demonic Invasions from the Legion, where the elite Naga champions are somewhere, building fortifications and raising excessive enemies that must work to recover .

I'm glad to see how Heroic Warfronts play. The current version we have today is quite tedious-a far cry from the Warcraft 3-inspired battles promised last summer. But Heroic Warfronts promises to lift the challenge by requiring players to actually coordinate and communicate as a general enemy who will surely send enemy attack waves to the weakened parts of the field war or change the composition of the unit to effectively counter yourself. Whatever stops the Warfronts from being a total snoozefest is okay.

Of course the main caveat of all this is that, before the Battle for Azeroth launches, everything about it seems to be all sunshine and Rainy. What is the good load of new activities and features if they are as damaged or repetitive as before?

This is definitely my biggest concern, but it also looks like Blizzard does not repeat past mistakes. When I spoke at Hazzikostas last week, he told me one of the biggest mistakes Blizzard made in Battle for Azeroth was not getting major features onto beta servers early enough so they could listen and act on feedback . At Azshara Release, the patch-including the Heart of Azeroth overhaul-is expected to attend the test server next week, giving Blizzard months to get feedback before leaving 8.2 on a this summer day.

what matters to me more is that, at least for now, I'm excited about Battle for Azeroth again. After January, I completely lost my mood to log in. I am not happy. But even though the Rise of Azshara is a month away, this livestream today gives me hope that Blizzard can open up water at Battle for Azeroth and finish it with a positive note. I think it's time to take my demon hunter out of his (very short) retirement.

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